Press Release
10/02/2017, 9:50 am

Sovereign backs the MBO of insurance brokerage Arachas
Arachas Corporate Brokers Ltd. is pleased to announce that Sovereign Capital, the UK private equity Buy & build specialist, has completed a significant investment to support the management buy-out of the business. The transaction is subject to approval from the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Arachas Financial Services

Arachas Financial Services gives independent advice to our clients on aspects of financial planning for every stage of life and business. Our clients represent a cross section of business markets in Ireland, from international firms to small business, professionals, contractors and tradespeople.

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Tailor-Made Service

A full financial planning review involves presenting you with a detailed insight into your finances. We look at your current income and outgoings, your investments and what you owe to model your anticipated position to retirement and beyond.

Being independent means that when you need to choose a financial product or make an investment, we will take you through a review of your needs and existing arrangements to give you unbiased advice on choosing the best solution for you.

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Let us help you feel secure

We understand that planning your finances is full of uncertainty. The risks that you may live so long you may run out of money, die too early or suffer a life changing event can all upset your dreams. Along the way, investing wisely and protecting against the risks will help achieve the security you need.

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Six Steps to Your Financial Security

We live by our 6-stage process to give a comprehensive advisory service for everything we do.




Agree Priorities









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